Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Rest of the Week

I trained Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday morning, and all workouts were good. Wednesday evening I got to the gym after 8pm. I was unsure as to how it would go. 6 hours of sleep three nights in a row, insufficient water, and food was uneven. Nowhere near enough protein, but it was a good veggie day. There was a huge salad for breakfast, and then for lunch the university salad bar had roasted sweet potatos, brussel sprouts and broccoli - yum!

Man-in-charge claims that a bad mental attitude can cost you up to 30% of your strength, so I was going in with the attitude of 'I'll do whatever I can and not worry about I can't'. Note that he doesn't say that a positive mental attitude can add 30% to your strength level. You need the positive attitude to keep what you have.

Man-in-charge wasn't there. Guy-in-charge (aka ShoulderGuy) was. The evening turned out to be one of my best back workouts ever. Upright rows max set was 22.5Kg, lat pulldowns 46Kgs, seated rows 48 Kgs, and freestanding calf raises were done holding a 7 Kg db overhead. The latter exercise is really about balance and concentration. I could do them with more weight if I held onto something. Towards the end, ShoulderGuy asked me if I wanted some heavier music to finish. Did you even have to ask? :-) He put on some heavy metal that turned out to be a band named Sceptic. I've never heard of them, but I googled and found this article, that describes them as "a combination of Swedish death metal with a more technical approach similar to latter day Death. ". Well then. They were very useful to getting through the last fifteen minutes of the workout.

Thursday night's session was also late at night, and can be described as "Toccata and Deadlift in D Minor". Man-in-charge was in, and the gym was near empty. At no time were there more than three people there. This meant that those of us who were there got lots of personal attention. MountainClimberGuy was there. I hadn't see him in a while, and he is looking good. Man-in-charge decided to put on a cd of Bach's Toccatas. He asked me what I thought, and I said it would depend on the results. I am happy to report that deadlifting to Bach is fine, but box jumps to Bach, nope.

I was back in the gym Friday morning. I wanted to get my workout in early because I was planning to head out of Jerusalem and spend the Shabbat with a cousin in Gush Etzion. ShoulderGuy was in charge again. By coming in at 8:30am I avoided most of the Friday insanity. It was Chest-Shoulders-Triceps, and while I was struggling on everything except skull crushers, I put it down to the uneven eating and lack of sleep during the week. I did hit all the weights I wanted to hit - this is the 10 rep microcycle so it is the hardest part of the program. I wasn't happy with my max set on the bench press, but ShoulderGuy said it was clean, and I am taking his word for it.

People are strange part II: One of the older women in the gym comes up to me while I am doing some ab work on the bench.
"I noticed you work out with, um, weights," she says.
"Yes," I say.
"Are you training for something?" she asks
"To find out what my limits are," I say, "How much I can lift"
"I can see it in your arms," pause, "Does it bother you that it is not... aesthtic?" she asks. I shrug, beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all. Besides, my upper arm has been shrinking steadily since August 2004, don't talk to me about aesthtic.
"I don't walk around with my arms flexed," I say
"Can I see?" she asks. Yes, the woman asked me to make a muscle. I couldn't believe it. After some back and forth I agreed, saying that it is a once and only once thing, since normal people don't walk around flexing. She walked away happy, and I was laughing throughout the rest of my abwork as I thought up more responses for future use. ("Aesthtic?!?!? Since when is aesthetic defined as flabby, lady?" was one that came to mind, but that's mean.)

Weekend at my cousin's was good. I slept 12 hours. Ten on Friday night and two on Saturday afternoon. I played with their adorable kids (3.5 years, 2.5 years, and 10 months), and generally had a good time. Too many carbs. I had lots of bread and lots of salad, trying to avoid the phyllo dough pastries and schnitzels, but it's one day and I'll be back on track tomorrow. The bus ride back took longer than expected due to a roadblock and traffic accident on the way, but I'm back in Jerusalem now, blogging from the Noona Cafe on Aza Street.


At 4:06 AM , Anonymous sis said...

46Kg?!!! Holy...
I feel like I'm atrophying over here. Wait, I am...
so proud


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