Sunday, December 25, 2005

Rainy Sunday

Since yesterday afternoon we've had nothing but rain. On the one hand I am happy because the Sea of Galilee needs the water. On the other hand, I feel sorry for all the Christians in Jerusalem who had to make their way to church last night in the downpour. I hope all the Christmas and Hannukah tourists are enjoying their stay here despite the weather.

I have a week of vacation starting today. It's not entirely vacation: my Hebrew U classes are taking place as scheduled, but I have no classes at my other school this week. I'm using it to catch-up and/or get head on my reading and paper-writing.

Met my schoolmate M for lunch today. She is going back to the US after studying in Israel for a year and a half. We had lunch at a restaurant on King George St called Macaroni. I had fusili with tomato sauce, capers, olives and tuna. I haven't had pasta in over a year, and while it was nice for a change, I had to ask them to pack most of it to go. Definitely enough for two meals there.

I looked at my stats today and realised that I am 1.9 lbs away from being able to say "I lost 50 lbs". I also realised I don't much care about saying it. I can't really think of a context in which I'd say it, except perhaps if someone began to lecture me about food and fitness and I'd want to shut them up.

One of my study partners is in Toronto right now attending a wedding. She is going to bring me back a Champion sportsbra, which I can't get here. There are sports bras in Israel, by Triumph and Fila and Speedo and Arena, none of which work for me. Newsflash: you can't work out 4+ times per week while owning a single sportsbra. Well, you can, but it complicates the logistical end of things. As soon as I land in the US for student teaching I'm going to find a store and try on the UnderArmour stuff.

Interesting things out there in cyberspace:

T-Nation has an article series called Lucky 13, where they ask someone 13 questions. The latest one features Alwyn Cosgrove (pronounced Ahl-in, apparently), and his answer to question #7 has some good points about fat loss.

Starting January 1, 2006, Caustic Musings is embarking on an interesting project called the Cheapass Challenge: namely, healthy living on a very strict budget.

Scale & Perspective discovers that she is co-habiting with a large pachyderm.


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