Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Imagine No Snowstorms

Last night I met the family that will be hosting me (and three of my fellow students) during the month of student teaching. My program director invited us all to dinner at her home. I had all my workout gear with me, hoping that the dinner would end early and I'd make it to the gym, but we were there till 10:00pm and there was no way to walk out earlier without being incredibly rude and ungracious. My future hosts are entitled to get to know the students who will be living with them for a month. So, no gym last night. On the good side, I learned more about the city of Atlanta and about my mentor teacher, whom I will be observing during this visit. Apparently she is a teaching powerhouse. :-)

I'm going to miss my gym. My hosts assure me that there is a good fitness centre close to the school, but when the description is "Oh, they're great; they have every kind of machine you can imagine," I get a little worried. I did some googling and found this place, but I have no idea how close or far they are from where I'll be staying. I think I need to get the zip code of my hosts and do some mapquesting.

My flights will be going through Newark again. Oy. Last year my student teaching was in Maryland, and on the way there we got stuck in Newark due to a massive snowstorm. We ended up having to fly to North Carolina and drive back to Maryland. Here's hoping for no snowstorms this time around.


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