Saturday, November 19, 2005

Not Good Enough

In a comment to a previous post, Liz said: "And, excuse me, but what's up with this selling short of you and your strength?"

Here's the thing. I'm not selling myself short. I know that I am one of the stronger women in my gym, but that's not good enough. If a man told me he was strong and then couldn't do a pull-up I'd raise an eyebrow. If I can't do a pull-up, if I can't squat my bodyweight, then I am not strong. I might be dedicated, and serious, and on my way to strong. But I'm not strong.

On the other hand, these women most certainly are. :-)


At 9:24 AM , Blogger chaos said...

OK Mich, do you read every news pub out there? From the Boston globe to political blogs trashing Hilary, you have quite the line up. That is certainly an inspiring story, thanks for sharing it. I hear what you're saying about needing to reach certain goals. I guess I'm looking for space between the constant "be more, do more" desire and being happy and present with where I am, right now. And, really, if I'd known you were going to repost that sentence, I would have worked out the structure and grammer kinks. Yikes.


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