Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I have karst on my mind, also limestone and dolomite, which is a direct result of spending my morning Historical Geography class learning about the ancient water systems of Jerusalem. The weather cooperated; it was a gorgeous cool and sunny morning. I was actually dressed a little too warmly. I think I may do my paper for this course on the water systems. It gives me an excuse to go on a walking tour of old cisterns this Friday. (Yes, I have just declared to all and sundry that my idea of a fun morning is a walking tour of old cisterns... and people wonder why I am single :-) )

Traffic back from the university was very bad. The police had a bunch of roads blocked off; not sure if the cause was a traffic accident or a hot warning about a suicide bomber. Whatever it was, I had a 45 minute bus ride, and spent most of it reading about the 2nd Temple period, which is the next thing on the agenda for said class.

I went to a bookshop downtown to arrange delivery for a book set I bought last week (a gorgous six volume Midrash Raba set, in case anyone is curious). Of course I bought more books while there (a pocket mishna set, and a book about Aggada by Yehuda Brandes). The book set will arrive tomorrow night, which might have cost me a gym session, because I would have had to stay home and wait for the book delivery. But lo and behold, tomorrow's pedagogy class has been cancelled, which means I can go to the gym in the early afternoon, and still have my books delivered in the evening.

Water and food both sloppy today. Still coughing, still have a sore throat, and still exhausted. Goal tonight is bed by 11pm, and wake up tomorrow at 6:30am.

Do I have any readers who are well-informed about Catholic theology? If that's you, could you suggest a good Catholic commentary on the Song of Songs? As an advance thank you, here's a picture of the Franciscan symbol, taken on a Mount of Olives walking tour.


At 6:39 PM , Blogger Making muscles said...

Mich, I hope you have some idea of how exhilerating it is to read your days! I love the way the book set worked out and that you could go to the gym after all. I also love the earnest quality of your learning style. I would have walked the cisterns with you. Your steady and calm approach to wellness helps me stay steady way over here on Long Island. - Muscles

At 9:59 AM , Blogger chaos said...

Ah yes, the seeming random intensity of interest of academics in subjects that nobody else wants to talk about. I can relate. The trick is to work your thoughts about cisterns into your blog, which you have obviously already discovered. Seeing as I go to a Catholic school and am studying philosophy, I probably should be able to point you to a reference. But, alas, I too have a single minded obsession that does not include the Song of Songs. Sorry!


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