Saturday, November 19, 2005


Update to k: the Kate Bush cd is available in Israel. Either it was a couple of days late, or the salesperson I talked to didn't realise it was out.

After good workouts on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, the week went kaflooey: I didn't make it to the gym on Wednesday because I was at the university till 9:40pm at a lecture and workshop about the Gavison-Medan Covenant. I didn't make it to the gym on Thursday because I went to see Pilobolus perform. I didn't make it to the gym on Friday because following breakfast and aesthetics I had to trek to the National Library to get an article I needed for my Song of Songs course. (The library at Mount Scopus is closed on Fridays). The problem, of course, is that everything closes early on Fridays, especially now that Shabbat comes in around 4:00pm.

This is ridiculous. I think I'll have to start morning workouts, and then drop into the gym at night for 30 minutes or so to finish up whatever I don't manage to do in the morning. This means schlepping my gym stuff to school and back, because I won't have time to drop things off at home before classes start at 8:30am.

My right shoulder hurts. It started with pain on my right collarbone. I told man-in-charge about it and he told me to rest and make sure I'm not cold. I was wondering what cold has to do with it, and he mimed a cold person with shoulders hunched forward. Eureka! I'm often cold here, and I need to make sure that I always have extra layers with me. I have a number of teachers who thrive on air conditioning and/or open windows, and I'm sure I've spent way too much time hunched forward over my books than is healthy for my shoulders.

This morning's walking tour was to Rehavia. I chose the English tour this time because the Hebrew tour was going to the Bukharan neighbourhood, and I've already done that one. The tour guide was very organized, with index cards full of information about the various historically significant houses. He also stopped several times along Yafo and King George Streets, and told us about some of the landmarks on the way to Rehavia.

One of my classmates invited me to a Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday. I've never been to a Thanksgiving dinner, but it seems to be very popular with the American contingent. I'm looking forward to it.

Happy National Ammo Day to those celebrating it!


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