Sunday, October 16, 2005

Still Here

Gym was supposed to re-open Oct 12 but is still closed. Noone's answering the gym phone, either. I'm going to walk by there this evening and see if there's a new estimated opening date. I was expecting the renovations to run overtime, especially since this is holiday season in Jerusalem, but I am still annoyed. Not _at_ anyone, just annoyed that I am not in a city where there is more than one gym with a squat rack. :-) The upside (there's always an upside, no?) is that I am doing a lot of walking around Jerusalem, and getting to see historic buildings and old neighbourhoods, and doing push-ups. (Not during the walks, mind you.)

On Saturday morning I went on a walking tour of the Bukharan Neighbourhood. The municipality of Jerusalem has free walking tours every Saturday at 10:00am, one in English and one in Hebrew. The English one sounded more interesting this time, so that’s the one I went on. I’ll have to go back on a weekday and photograph the buildings; the neighbourhood is ultra-Orthodox and the community does not like people taking pictures in their space on the Sabbath. After the tour I wandered around the city some more on my own. All in all I had between four and five hours of walking.

This morning I went to the university to pick up my new health insurance policy, which came into effect on Oct 1. I also bought some school supplies. Now I'm taking a blogging break at Coffee Shop, and trying to come up with an idea for a hostess gift. The Jewish holiday of Sukkot begins tomorrow night and one of my teachers from last year has invited me to have dinner with her family in their Sukkah. I haven't decided what to bring. Last year I sent flowers to all my holiday hosts, but this year I'm thinking either a massive coffee table book, or a gift basket of handmade soap and scented shower gels and such, things that busy and sensible people don't buy for themselves, but do not object if other people buy for them.

Speaking of Sukkot, everywhere you go in Jerusalem you see the little huts, and kosher restaurants build them on their patios so that their observant clients can eat their meals in the Sukka. There are also people selling decorations for the Sukka - think tinsel, lots of tinsel... :-) I'm going to try and take some pics tomorrow morning and post them before the holiday begins.


At 11:17 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Hi Mich, you are dealing with all this disruption to your routine amazingly well. What's up with the one gym thing? Do people in general not work out in Jerusalem? I would be throwing major fits on the doorstep of that gym. Well, that, and eating my heart out.


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