Saturday, October 22, 2005

Post Saturday Thoughts

I did another walking tour this morning, and then wandered around on my own, so all together I got about four hours of walking in. On the one hand I was pleased with myself, because I was one of the few people not huffing and puffing. On the other hand, I'm still not getting anywhere close to the amount of exercise I was getting while the gym was open, so the ugly truth is that I am resting on my laurels here.

Looking for inspiration, I bought the November 2005 issue of Men's Health last week. It cost 36 NIS, which is $7.78 USD, just about double the cover price of $3.99 USD. Still, anytime there's a member of the military on the cover the issue is worth buying, and this issue had Cpl. Peter Sprenger on the cover. Need I say more? I should also mention that there's a good Berardi article in there about meal timing.

Liz is right; I'm not fond of memes, unless they are fun memes that make me think about books or music or something equally interesting. I am going to skip this one, since it requires me to look through old posts, and I would rather spend my time writing new posts.

On the to-do list for tomorrow: walk by gym and get an update on when it will reopen, buy a blouse to wear to the wedding, call my cousin to find out if I have a ride to and from said wedding, work on papers, establish push-up and sit-up benchmarks and goals.

Two posts that caught my attention this week:

First, Cap Lion is looking for a Lioness. I wish him luck. Contrary to my grumbling about having to sit through my cousin's wedding next week, I like weddings, and I like it when people are proactive about finding their Intended, as opposed to sitting around grumbling about their singlehood.

Second, Sound and Fury is having an interesting discussion with Accidental Hedonist about food and class. I agree with S&F on this one, which is not surprising considering that I admire Dr. Norman Borlaug.

Off to the supermarket to replenish the protein supplies.


At 4:35 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Lots to say. 1: I knew it. I was hoping that looking through past posts would produce an "aha" moment. Hardly. 2: Well, could the wedding be a good place to meet somebody? I've met some....ok, I've had some great nights with people I've met at weddings. 3: My eyes are burning! Anti-hilary talk for my liberal eyes! 4: RE: food and class, are you familair with Vindava Shiva? She's done some interesting work on food, class, ethnicity, power....ecofeminist, brillant.

At 6:38 PM , Blogger Mich said...

Hey, I like this number system:

1. Not to worry - I'm sure a good book or music meme will come up soon.
2. One never knows where one will meet one's Intended. Stranger things have happened. If nothing else, the wedding will make for a fun blog post.
3. At least the gentleman knows what he is looking for; the clarity is refreshing.
4. I think it's Vandana Shiva. I read some of her stuff awhile back. I may give it a 2nd look after the papers are done - which is my current universal caveat. :-)


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