Thursday, October 06, 2005


I learned something last week. It is possible for me to have a good workout in the early morning. Last Thursday I woke up at 4:40am and had breakfast, packed for the field trip, and then went to the gym for the last workout before renovations. I got to the gym at 6:25am and it was still closed. Since I had to be out of the gym by 8:05am, I decided to use those five mintues to change clothes and warm up in the stairwell. At 6:28am ShoulderGuy showed up to open the gym, and I was ready to go. To save a few more minutes I had asked man-in-charge to give me my max weights the night before, and I had written out the weights (50%, 80%, 100%) for the first three sets of each exercise in my workout log, leaving space for reps and the last exercises.

I was a little stressed about getting through everything, which caused some confusion on my first exercise (BB bicep curls). Instead of 1 x 7 @ 10 Kg, 1 x 7 @ 16 Kg, 1 x 8 @ 20 Kg for my first three sets I ended up with 1 x 7 @ 10 Kg, 1 x 7 @ 18.5 Kg, and 1 x 7 @ 20 Kg. Meaning, doing the middle set at 93% of the 3rd instead of at 80% cost me the final rep on my max set. I did the last two sets at 1 x 8 @ 16.5 Kg and 1 x 8 @ 15 Kg. The DB bicep curls went well, as did all the ab work in between the sets. I relaxed at 7:07am when I got to deadlifts, because I knew at that point that I would get everything in.

The gym is very quiet at that hour of the morning. Around 6:45am people began trickling in, but not many. At its busiest I counted four or five older people who did a bit of weights and then got on the two treadmills and the recumbent bike and stayed there. Now I know that someone actually uses the cardio machines. :-)

This is encouraging because once my university classes kick in on Oct 31 I won't be able to get to the gym on Monday nights, and now I have no excuse not to do a Monday morning workout instead.

I hate the fact that my gym is closed. I feel like I was perfectly balanced on a three legged chair (gym, food, sleep), and someone cut out a leg when I wasn't looking, and now I'm about to topple.

The holiday set up of Rosh Hashana is hardly conducive to good nutritional habits. You have two days with at least four big festive meals, followed by a minor fast day, the Fast of Gedalia. I managed to keep the food under control by accepting invites only from people I knew served healthy food and who lived far away from me - necessitating a 45 minute walk there and a 45 minute walk back.

Unfortunately I also, at the last minute, accepted a lunch invitation for the 2nd day from my food-pushing cousin. I didn't cave in to the pressure, which manifested itself as endless repetitions of "Eat, eat, this can't stay overnight, eat eat I don't want to have leftovers in my fridge, eat eat", but I did come home incredibly annoyed. Not good. Note to self #1: do not accept invitations from people who think that it is their business how much you eat. Note to self #2: if you ever have to visit this cousin for a meal again, bring storage containers as a present instead of flowers or wine.

I went to bed early (10:00pm) and woke up early (6:00am). I'm going to try and make a habit of this, with a half hour variation either way. Because of the fast we only have a half day of school today, so I can get some work done on my papers in the afternoon.


At 9:36 AM , Blogger chaos said...

Storage containers instead of flowers or wine is a great idea. Laughed out loud on that one, thanks. Morning workouts rock. Things are quiet. And I like the added security of knowing that I won't skip a workout that day becuase other things come up. Nothing else matters at 6:30. Mich, repeat after me, cardio is not evil, cardio is not evil.....


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