Friday, October 07, 2005

Have Broomstick, Will Squat

Yesterday I went to the Jerusalem Theatre to buy tickets for two upcoming shows, Pilobolus and Tango Seduccion. I also went to the Jerusalem Symphony box office and got a 6-concert student card for 150NIS; you call on the day of the concert you want to see if there are tickets left, and if there are you get assigned a seat. On my way out of the theatre I ran into one of the gym regulars, and we commiserated for a few minutes about the closure.

My long-suffering readers must be getting tired of hearing me whine about the fact that my gym is closed for renovations, but it is remarkable how central the daily workout has become in my life. Working out at home is just not the same. The only thing that has been consistent is walking with a heavy backpack and using my grippers. The morning walk to school has been good, but there were the two days we were off for the holiday. Today I got in a good walk, but that was by chance. I went to the market where I met one of my classmates. She was having trouble with her grocery cart, so we unloaded some of her stuff into my backpack and then I walked her to her home.

While I was at the market I bought a wooden broomstick (7 NIS), which is not going to be used as a broomstick but rather as a sophisticated fitness device :-) with which I will practice overhead squat technique. My modest goal for these is to be able to do them with the regular bar before I go back to North America. I didn't tell the guy at the market what I wanted the broomstick for, and he was giving me weird looks as I put the broomstick over my head and pulled at it to see if it was strong enough. He asked me if I was going to beat someone up and I asked him if I looked to him like a violent person... I also got 30 eggs, which are sitting in my room until I have a chance to rearrange some stuff in the fridge and make room for them.


At 12:35 AM , Anonymous sis said...

you should've told him you need to build a really big whisk for 30 eggs!


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