Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hanging by a Thread

I'm writing this from Coffee Shop at the corner of Emek Refaim and Rahel Imenu streets. Yeah, the coffee shop is indeed called Coffee Shop. I tried to work at my apartment but there was noise from one of the nearby buildings that sounded like a leaf-blower gone beserk.

Swamped with schoolwork. Hanging on to the most generous definition of good nutrition - protein, veggies and water - by a thread. Exercise limited to walks with backpack and gripper work. Sheesh, just writing that makes me want to slap myself and go do ab work. Life should return to normal on Friday, once I'm past Yom Kippur, university orientation, etc. God willing the gym will re-open on the 12th as scheduled. I'm not weighing in till Nov 1, in case you're wondering what's up with the stats.

Ate too many carbs over the weekend, but also went to the Old City and walked a lot. Of the 30 eggs I mentioned on Friday, 20 have been hard-boiled and are sitting in the fridge waiting to be consumed, so I have enough egg whites for the next couple of days. I have tuna, I have veggies, and my local supermarket has a handy veggie-chopper (looks like this one only more compact) on sale for 70NIS, which is around $15 US. I have visions of homemade hummus in my head.

Blogging will be sparse till Friday. In the meantime, here is a pic of light play on the floor of St. Andrew's Scots Memorial Church, which is located on David Remez street in Jerusalem.


At 12:44 AM , Blogger chaos said...

Great picture, Mich. Sounds like you are on track with nutrition. Maybe the shake up in diet will actually help you by giving you a jump start when you get back to your regular program? 20 eggs? Wow.

At 8:42 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Cool photo!

I can't wait for the gym to reopen. I am just lost when something interferes with my exercise routine. It's hard for me to switch gears.


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