Monday, October 17, 2005

Gym Woes

Went by the gym last night. No way it can re-open before the end of October (barring some miracle). All the carpet has been ripped out, all the weights and machines are up against the far side of the gym, there's bare concrete and broken cement and dust everywhere. Picture your friendly neighbourhood construction site with some weight machines in a corner. :-)

*Sigh* This means I can't think of my out-of-the-gym exercise as "maintenance-until-gym-reopens". I have to start thinking of it as "real workouts for the forseeable future".


At 9:06 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Ah, shit, Mich, what a bummer. You are handling it well. What are your thoughts for new excercise programs? Is it possible to buy handweights to keep up some of your strength? More importantly, are you getting your money back for all this time closed?

At 12:22 PM , Blogger Mich said...

I don't expect to get money back, and that's fine, because, truth be told, the training I've gotten thus far is worth far more than I've paid for my gym membership, so I'd feel dishonest asking for money back. In North America I'd have to pay a personal trainer to get this kind of individual attention. I just want the place to re-open asap so I can get back to the weights.

Now that the weather has deteriorated I'm concentrating on bodyweight exercises: pushups, squats with broomstick, abwork.


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