Sunday, October 23, 2005


Taking an afternoon break at Coffee Shop, waiting for my fellow student M to show up so we can check out an Ethiopian restaurant in town. I haven't had injera in a while so I am looking forward to it. Then I'm going to go home and do my Pedagogy homework which is due on Thursday, and then I will go to bed early.

Way too much time wasted today. I had no luck finding a blouse for the wedding, and I went to several shops. I think I will just put something together from what I have. Really, I don't want to spend money on new clothes when I know (yes, I said know) that I'm not going to stay at this size, and by the time another joyous event rolls around this blouse will be of no use to me unless I spend even more money to get it altered. This is pointless.

Went by the gym this morning. There are signs of progress. For one thing, there's a floor, except that it isn't actually on the floor, but instead is standing in great big rolls waiting to be unrolled and installed. To paraphrase a Shel Silverstein poem: "I wish that my gym had a floor"...

Note to Finding Muscles: Thanks for the tag and the good thoughts, but I was simultaneously tagged by Liz with that same meme. I'm not able to post a comment on your blog, so I'll put it here and hope you'll come for a visit. :-) I was reading through your blog and the link to Ebony reminded me of an article I read last week. One of the Israeli newspapers recently had a series of articles about black people in Nazi Germany. I can't remember which of the papers - I buy four of them on the weekend. One of the people mentioned in the article was Hans J. Massaquoi, who was one of Ebony's managing editors.


At 7:54 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Mich, I think we all know that you won't be in your current size for long. You're rockin it.


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