Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Excuses Excuses

It is cold and rainy in Jerusalem. Today was the first day that I had to wear long sleeves and a jacket to go out. Interestingly, when Sukkot ends next week, there’s a one day holiday called Shemini Atzeret, and on this holiday Jews start praying for a rainy winter in Israel. Israel definitely needs rain; can’t have milk and honey without rain. :-) On the other hand, brrrr! I need to buy a winter blanket asap.

Major holidays stress me out. In addition to this standard holiday stress I have the gym closure, PMS/TOM, university deadlines and the fact that next week I have to attend a wedding where various well-meaning relatives will give me the “soon it will be you, God-willing” speech. Not that I needed empirical proof of this stress, but I have it anyway; a cold sore the size of Manitoba appeared yesterday morning, fever blisters and all. Oy. Ow. Oy. I considered going out with a paper bag over my head but decided that this might alarm the security guards at the entrance of supermarkets and restaurants, not to mention on buses.

Monday night was lovely. I was wearing one of the skirts that I had gotten taken it, and it fit perfectly. The teacher that invited me has five kids, and whenever I visit her home I leave thinking that five kids is the perfect number to have; the kids are that cool. Dinner was fine nutritionally – chicken soup, grilled chicken and rice, roasted root vegetables, a salad, and a simple yet very yummy cake that one of the kids baked. I was fine on quantity; had a little bit of each item, but I completely fell apart on the drinks. Not alcohol, cola. There was no water on the table so I went for the Pepsi and Pepsi max in a big way. First time since June 13 that I had fizzy soft drinks. (The detail oriented reader will remember that June was another major holiday, Shavuot.)

Whew, what a litany of excuses. My exercise isn’t where it should be, my nutrition has had way too many slip-ups, but I’m calm about it, because I know holiday season doesn’t last forever, and I am almost done with meals outside the home. There are only two more such outings on the horizon: tomorrow evening I (and the rest of my class) have been invited to another teacher’s home for dinner, and then the following Thursday is the previously mentioned wedding.

Went to the market today and got Granny Smith apples, fresh ginger and flax seeds - now I just need a grinder for the flax seeds.


At 11:25 PM , Blogger chaos said...

I probably shouldn't even bother commenting because I've said this a million times before, but I think that your fantastic attitude will get you through these rough pathches. You have great perspective on it all. Weddings are a whole different story. Weddings must be a diet free zone. You need all the cake and booze you can get if you hope to make it out alive. Especially if you are single.


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