Thursday, September 22, 2005

Two Gym Nights

Yesterday was quad dominant day. I was tired, stressed, and generally feeling run-down. Started off with squats. My right knee has been making crunching sounds, so last night man-in-charge tweaked the program to try and get it to stop. We've been trying different things thus far - slowing the tempo, changing the stance width, changing where the toes point... The knee is happier with a narrower stance and a slower tempo, it seems. I'm not used to this; I've always squatted with a wide stance. However, as long as I can get good depth with a narrower stance I'm happy. (It's not quite ass-to-grass, as folks call it, but it is definitely well below parallel.)

The other change is that I'm finally doing some single leg work. I've known for some time that my right leg is stronger than my left leg, but doing single leg work really drives this home. We think the knee issues might be because I am pushing harder with my right leg than with my left, so right leg (and therefore right knee) is doing more work. To add this single leg work man-in-charge was thinking of dropping the BB free standing hack squats, but I suggested that we drop the machine hack squat. I think the freestanding ones hit my quads much better, and also force me to focus on keeping my back straight and upright, whereas in the machine hack squat I just press my back against the seat pad.

Tonight was back and grip, and it went fine. I felt more focused and serious than I had been the previous night; the background music was good too - 80s hits. The gym was quiet, and the people who were there were mostly regulars. The two lat pulldown variations have been difficult the last two times I trained back. I think that it's general tiredness more than anything else, but I was getting a little worried. Tonight they were hard also, but I did get all my max weights, and when I got to forearms and grip I found I still had something left.

Went to my classmate D's engagement party last night. My friends were a bit surprised to see me at the party - I'm very much a non-party goer. However, I need to be more social. I was a bookworm-wallflower hybrid for most of my life, and I think a change is in order. Besides, I like D and his fiancee. They are both very sweet. So I went to the party, mingled, ate six pieces of sushi, four of which were all veggie, and drank two sips of white wine, one for each proposed toast. I left early because I needed to be at school early the next day, but not before D told the story of how he and his beloved met.

It was the kind of story that makes single people who hope to marry within their faith all warm and fuzzy. Seems D was living in New York, a place which has a large and vibrant Jewish social scene, and for whatever reason, for two years he doesn't find a Jewish woman to date. Catholic women, Baptist women, Mormon women, no problem, but Jewish women, nope. A short time after that he moves to North Carolina, to a city where the Jewish population is under 1500, and wouldn't you know it, within two months he meets the Jewish woman that he is going to marry.

From happy news to happy news: my classmate R, who got married last year, is expecting baby #1 around February. No wonder he's been walking around in a sort of cheery glow for the last couple of weeks. I thought it was just newlywedded bliss, but turns out it's more than that. :-)


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