Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday Night at the Gym

This evening's shoulders and triceps session went well. Several regulars were at the gym, which was nice. A and his trainer were doing less trash-talking than usual. WeatherGuy, whom I had not seen for some time, was back doing pull-ups (what else?). He told me he had been sick for a week and then had to spend an extra week recovering. He's still not at 100% - I only saw him do two pull-up variations...

The other day I found out that the gym will be undergoing renovations - new lockers, a spinning area... Me, I come for the squat rack, but obviously I want the gym to thrive and if this is how they'll get new clients, great.

With all due respect to the gentleman who told me my arms were "developed", that was a very generous description. I know the triceps are improving, but I can't wait to see how they look in six months and more importantly, how they'll impact my bench press. Speaking of bench, on Sunday man-in-charge said that once winter gets here we will really start adding weight to my lifts. All the work thus far was mainly to get the technique right - the arch, the foot and hand position, keeping the chest up, keeping the bar in the line of sight, and so on. So, while I don't look forward to winter (most buildings in Jerusalem do not have central heating) I am excited about the prospect of seeing bigger weights.

Got home and boiled eight eggs so I'll have easily accessible egg whites tomorrow.

I feel like a water balloon, which means TOM is near. I am expecting a gain on tomorrow's weigh-in. I'm not going to worry about it if there is one, however, because it is not staying around for long. :-)


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