Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back and Grip

Tonight was a difficult workout: Not only I was tired because of the long school day, but one of the gym guys decided to switch one of the TVs from music to news, and this was one night where I needed all the motivational help that music provides. There were a couple of points where I wanted to give up and go home, but just kept going, wondering when the endorphins would kick in. They finally did so on the last two execises (forearm curls and grip work). This is where the force of habit is crucial. I am in the gym because that is what I do, five days a week. I gut it out when it's difficult because that is what I do when it gets difficult. I hope this tenacity has some carryover to other areas of my life where I am not so tough-minded.

Two highlights from today: First, at the gym someone complimented my arms, telling me they look "developed". I'll take "developed" over skinny any time. :-)

Second, we had a class at school on the history of the 2nd Temple period. It went very fast, because the lecturer took us from 586 BCE (destruction of the first Temple by the Babylonians) all the way to 135 CE (Bar Kochba rebellion crushed by the Romans) in two hours. The lecture was in preparation for tomorrow's field trip. We're going to see the Southern Wall Excavations, the Davidson Center, the Institute for Temple Ritual Objects and the Holyland Hotel Second Temple Model. I have to remember to recharge the batteries for my camera.


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