Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday Gym Report: Chest/Push

The new gym bag performed admirably; its owner, somewhat less admirably.

Gym was very quiet, which meant I had a chance to talk technique with man-in-charge at some length. The flipside of this is that since he had all this time to watch what I was doing, he caught a lot more things that need improving. My weights on the flat BP are stuck. Grrr. I did the exact same weights as I did on July 1, before my little hospital adventure. My weights on the close-grip BP even dropped slightly, but that was because man-in-charge had me slow down the first part of the movement and pay close attention to the path my elbows were tracing as I was lifting, focus on keeping the chest high and bringing the elbows in to lock. The good part is that I am getting more comfortable pressing with an arch in my back, the weights on the infraspinatus exercise are way up, and the pushups are getting ever closer to the floor. I can't wait until I'm doing these on the floor rather than against something, and after that, with a weight plate on my back. There's one guy who works out in the evenings who does them with a 45lb place on his back, rhythm like a metronome...

I got out just as things got busy, and now it's back to cleaning and laundry.


At 10:43 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Wow, it is so great that you can talk form with your gym owner. You will get through the plateau. Keep up the good work and focus.


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