Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stupid Carb Binge

The stupid carb binge started on Saturday and continued unabated post-fast on Sunday. On the positive side, we're not talking cake and cookies, but rather bread, fruit (mangoes, plums, apples), cereal and rice. On the negative side, what the hell was I thinking?

Three causes: first, I'm stressed about the papers I need to write (dumb). Second, I let myself run out of crunchy veggies (dumber). Third (dumbest), my clothes. They are falling off. It is difficult to remind myself that I am only halfway to where I want to be when I'm swimming in all my clothes. I have to get some of these to a tailor tomorrow and get them taken in. More importantly, I have to buy new clothes.

Anyways, it is now over, and I've got tomorrow's (healthy) breakfast planned and ready to go.


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