Friday, August 12, 2005

New Program Day Two: Tricep Wonderland

I like the way this new program flows so far. First day was chest-shoulders, second day is shoulders-triceps. I'm excited about triceps. I'm looking forward to seeing what effect all this tricep work will have on my bench press.

Four exercises, five sets each, two warm-ups sets and three work sets. The warm up sets are 7 reps each, the work sets range from 7-12 depending on the microcycle. Today was a 12 rep day for the max sets. The first three exercises were supersetted with ab work, the last one with those leg lifts things I described yesterday.

I started off with seated DB shoulder presses that had a little twist at the beginning, Next came triceps pushdowns. I'm used to doing these upright with arms glued to sides, but this variation has me bent over, arms in front of my body, elbows directly under shoulders, pushing straight down.

After this came skull-crushers, using a rectangular bar, so my palms are facing each other as I'm doing these. I managed 12 smooth, clean reps with 15 Kg for my max set, and man-in-charge had me add a bit of weight and try 17.5 Kg. I failed after 4 reps. We had the following brief conversation:

Man-in-charge: "What happened?"
Me: "Good question." [I sit up, re-grip the rectangle, lie back and try again. I lower the weight under control but I can't push it up again.]
Man-in-charge [watching this failure]: "Clear answer."

The last exercise was a cable pullover done lying on the floor. The handle was a rope with two ends, and the idea is to keep the hands close together during the pull. Again, I can't find pics of this on-line.

Note about those leg lift thingies. Now that I'm doing them correctly, with my elbow on the floor and keeping the heel pointing up, I finally understand why my hips have been moving to the right when I squat. My left side is so much tighter than my right side. The left leg doesn't go up nearly as far as the right.


At 9:21 PM , Blogger chaos said...

OK, wow, I had no idea a lifting program could include 5 sets. I thought 3 was the max. And I sometimes only do two. Jeez. I love the title of this post! "Tricep Wonderland"

At 9:05 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

I am definitely not symmetrical in the elasticity of my hip joints, so I see a lot of difference sometimes from one side to the other.


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