Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Gym Report: Quad Dominant

Another quiet day at the gym, with the bonus that man-in-charge was working in with me at the squat rack. He was doing bent leg good mornings, so he had a lot of opportunity to critique my form. The weight is going up nicely, I just have to remember to keep my back straight and not bend forward too much. (Note to self, it's a squat, not a good-morning). The two-thirds squat variation - up two thirds of the way, go back down, repeat - went even better than the standard variation. I felt strong coming up, and in control coming down. Furthermore, I am finally beginning to sense where 2/3 up actually is, rather than having to look at an outside reference point like the rests on the rack. I have to focus on my waist and hips more, and the path they're taking. The idea is to stop being mirror-dependent and get to the point where the movement just feels right, all the way down and all the way up.

Lots of skinny boys at the gym today. One of them was worried, and an older guy was trying to reassure him that he'll grow, saying that he too was skinny at that age. I wish Berardi's & Mejia's Scrawny to Brawny book was available in Hebrew. It would make a great Bar Mitzvah gift for scrawny boys; get some solid info into their heads before they start reading the nonsense in most fitness mags. Another note to self: if I ever get married and am blessed with children and they grow up to be skinny teenage boys, teach them to cook for themselves, so that they will not be having the following conversation at the gym:

man-in-charge to skinny kid: "You should eat some fish"
kid to non-skinny gym member: "But how much tuna can I eat?"
man-in-charge to skinny kid: "It doesn't have to be tuna, you can eat other fish"
skinny kid (in despair): "What do I know about cooking fish?"

My schoolmate G was there, which was fortuitous because it was his last workout. He is going to the US tomorrow and to med school in September. He says he'll come back to visit, and I told him he has to keep up the workouts so he can return to the gym when he visits. I have no doubt he will. :-) He had the forethought to bring a camera, and I took a picture of him with man-in-charge, so that he'll have something to remember the gym by.

I took my schoolmate Y out to dinner this evening. She had helped me out immensely this year, just before I went on student teaching, and this was a thank you dinner. We had a lovely girls' night out at Sheyan, a newly opened kosher Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian and Thai dishes) restaurant on Ramban Street near the windmill. (I could only find a review in Hebrew online, sorry, but at least there's a little picture of the windmill.)

I started off with steamed gyoza and then had steamed fish, and Y had an eggroll and then beef with veggies. We shared two not-very-Asian desserts: chocolate volcano cake (warm, decadent) and coconut pannacotta (cold, also decadent). Both desserts had no dairy (this was a kosher _meat_ restaurant) but tasted amazing. Y thought that our waiter liked me; I thought that he was just a nice guy doing a good job. There was a bit of confusion at the beginning when the hostess couldn't find the reservation, but things went up from there, and stayed up, which is the important thing. Y is one of those incredibly briliant people, and I had a great time talking with her. We agreed that this restaurant, although loud, would be a great place for a date. Speaking of dates, Y thinks she knows a guy whom I should go out with. She's going to send me his JDate profile and we'll see from there.


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