Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gym Report: Ham Dominant

Excellent ham dom workout tonight. I went in with no expectations, because I was low on sleep and had not gotten enough food or water in during the day. Furthermore, I had spent over an hour walking around in the sun. However, things went just fine.

What made me happiest were the mechanics of the deadlifts and the partial deadlifts. The shoulders moved right, the elbows moved right, the hips went where they were supposed to... no complaints. I hope I can do this again and the knowledge doesn't vanish by the time the next ham-dom workout comes around (next Wed. if all goes according to plan). Max weight on the deads was 50Kg (110 lbs) and max weight on the partial deads (2/3 up, back down) was 40 Kg (88 lbs). You think they're called partial deads because that's how you feel when you finish doing five sets of them?

Man-in-charge won't be in tomorrow, so in a burst of proactive thinking I asked him to give me my max weights for tomorrow's scheduled back/pull workout. That way I can start the 8 rep cycle on Sunday.

WeatherGuy was there, during a chest/biceps workout. I really hope he does leg work also, because it would be intensely disappointing if he was one of those upper-body-only stick-figure guys. He was wearing long pants, and his upper body isn't freakishly huge, so I can't tell yet.


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