Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Anniversary and Tuesday Morning Weigh-In

On August 16, 2004, one year ago today, I landed in Israel to begin this study program. I am fitter, healthier and lighter than I was a year ago, which means I can look at this anniversary without the stress and disappointment I usually associate with anniversaries. Onwards and upwards.

No change in weight this week. Details at right. I was expecting a gain after the stupid carb binge, but I'll take no change. I always expected the 2nd half of the project to be take longer than the first half, so no worries.

Fourth day of the new program was interesting: two variations of lat pulldowns, one exercise for the forearms, and finally grip work. The lat pulldowns were supersetted with ab work, and the forearms and grip work was supersetted with (gulp!) cardio. Very low tech cardio, 1 minute intervals of running back and forth with little steps over a low block. The first five intervals were done running forwards, the second five intervals were done running backwards, which proved to me I am somewhat more coordinated than I thought. Also, I can handle 10 minutes of cardio without feeling put upon. :-)

One of the things that has become abundantly clear to me at this gym is how totally unnecessary most cardio machines are. Don't get me wrong, if at some point in my life I have enough disposable income to have a Concept II rower in my home, then great, I will buy one and enjoy it, but the fact is I don't need anything more than a block. I see guys at the gym who are amazingly fit, and their cardio work is done on this little block or a little step.


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