Monday, August 08, 2005


I do not drink alcohol aside of a sip of wine on Friday evening for Shabbat; the service includes a blessing over the wine. In fact, I have never been drunk. I am quite sarcastic when sober, and I suspect that if I ever did get drunk the sarcasm would become a geyser of vitriol and I would have no friends left. Today I ran across this fascinating post at Capitalist Lion. It's one of those posts where I was laughing out loud while reading (especially when I got to the "typical conversation") and then feeling slightly guilty for laughing since, after all, this is someone's misery I am laughing at. Anyways, get thee over there and read, and thank goodness for slow news months...


At 8:44 PM , Blogger chaos said...

That was a funny article, thanks. Impressive program. 5 sets? How long does a typical day take you? No cardio? Ever? Wow, just, wow.


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