Monday, August 01, 2005

Activity and Procrastination

Today was one of those days where I alternate between excellent bursts of activity, and stupid globs of procrastination. By stupid I mean finding oneself in front of the TV watching a first season Xena re-run. I mean really!

The bursts of activity were all about moving my stuff from old room to new room, and of course, sorting and throwing out lots of stuff in the process. I also did two loads of laundry. The second load is still on the line, drying. The end result is that I am exhausted, so no gym tonight. Instead I'm aiming for a before-midnight bedtime and a 7:30am wake up. Tomorrow will be the final part of the move: I have to sort all the papers that are on the desk and empty the drawers, and finally, dust, sweep and wash the floor. After this we can show the room to potential flatmates.

Before I left Canada my sister gave me this gorgeous Puma sports bag, which looks sort of like this but a nicer colour. I haven't used it yet. Today I officially put my gym stuff in it and tomorrow will be the inaugural use. Not only will I look much swankier on my way to the gym (there's no way to look swanky on my way back - I'm far too exhausted) but I also don't have to buy a new backpack. I am tired of swapping my school and gym stuff in and out of my old backpack.


At 3:39 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Well described: "stupid globs of procrastination." Oh, do I know those times.

At 7:14 PM , Anonymous Sister said...

Whaddayamean _inaugaural use_?!!!
The thing's just been _sitting_ there this _whole_ time?! Send it back, ye undeserving receiver of bags.


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