Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tuesday Morning Weigh-In

Down another 100g, which is slightly less than 0.25 of a lb. Fine by me. I said that I would be happy if the loss came in 100g increments, and I meant it. It also means that I am exactly 10Kg away from my goal weight. I'm at 69 Kg and I'm aiming for 59 Kg, at which point I'll evaluate if I'm happy there or if I want to go further. I suspect it will depend on how much I am lifting at the time.

I've finally gotten it into my head that I need to be selfish about food. By this I mean that my food needs come first, and when I make decisions about going out or shopping for groceries or going over to someone's place for dinner, my priority is to have healthy and plentiful food available to me. Now I need to get more selfish about sleep. To be productive in life and in the gym, I need 7.5-8 hours of sleep a night, every night. It's easy for me to turn off the tv, but less easy to tell someone: I can't do x because my priority is to get more and better sleep, or to tell my extended family: no, I'm not coming to spend Shabbat with you because there is no way I would get back to Jerusalem on Saturday evening before midnight, if that, and this will mess up my sleep for the rest of the week. I just need to practice saying that, and eventually it will be as easy as, "Thanks, but I don't feel like having that right now. (To which they always answer, "Aren't you hungry?", which gives me the last word at "Do I look hungry to you?" :-) )


At 8:30 PM , Blogger chaos said...

So, so true. Sleep is always the thing I think I can cut out. But losing sleep will always come back to haunt you. Good luck with reclaiming your sleep. And congrats on the loss!


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