Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tuesday Morning Weigh-in

First week without WW went fine. Stats are updated. I'm down another 800g, which is a bit more than I wanted, but the rational part of my brain understands that I'm just hyper-sensitive about this right now. I know that the docs define "rapid weight loss" as three lbs per week or more, and so this isn't something to worry about, but I've yet to find the study that established the 3 lbs mark, so I'm just a tiny little bit worried. It's probably study #3500 on that list I mentioned the other day, so it will take awhile to get to. Busy busy day today, and the first thing on the agenda is heading to the university to meet insurance man, pick up my new health insurance policy, and find out what's going on in terms of surgery coverage.


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