Wednesday, July 13, 2005

TCM, Insurance, and Other Stuff

I went to see the TCM (traditional chinese medicine) guy today. He took a history, did a checkup, and then did some acupuncture. Never had that before. Some needles I barely felt, while others were very noticeable. I was rather disappointed when he suggested the olive oil/lemon juice flush that I had read about on the web; I think that is pretty much useless. I told him that, and his other suggestion was a day of fasting followed by a day of nothing but green apples. Supposedly they help break down stones. He also recommended limiting sour foods. Not sure yet if I'll go in for more acupuncture.

Still no definite word from the insurance company on whether they'll pay for the surgery. Even though this happened while I was fully covered (earlly July), the doctors can't do the surgery before the end of the coverage period (July 31). So even though I am renewing with the same company, they may end up telling me that I'm out of luck and they won't cover the surgery. We'll see how it goes. I'm not too worried. I could pay for it myself if I absolutely had to. I could also go back to Canada and get it done there. The problem is that in Canada there is probably a very long wait to get it one.

My friend E calls me this morning telling me that she is very annoyed at me. Seems that now that I am not going to Australia, she is next in line for the available spot, and the school called her to offer it to her. Problem is, she has already planned out her summer, thinking that she wasn't going, and now she isn't sure if she can go _and_ finish all her university work. I told her that I'm sorry for the inconvenience ('cause like, I planned this gallbladder business to annoy my friends, yeah, that's it) and next time I find myself in a similar situation I'll try to handle things differently. :-)

Good Back/Pull workout today. I was having a tough time concentrating at the beginning. All I could think of was how much strength I would lose if I had to take time off post-surgery, which is a pretty useless and self-defeating line of thought, no? On the one hand it makes me want to give up, on the other hand it makes me want to work even harder so that I can build as much lean mass before the surgery as possible.

I wish the doctors would be clear about the odds of having another attack. Some sites I read say it's 70%, and some say it's less than 50%.

The 7/7 London suicide bombers in Britain have been identified. We had a suicide bomber in Netanya yesterday, courtesy of Islamic Jihad. To earn his 72 virgins in paradise, the scumbag murdered four women (a 50 year old, a 31 year old, and two 16 year olds) and injured 30 people I hate it when the international media calls it the first bombing since Feb 25. It's the first "successful" bombing, yes, but attempts go on all the time. Less than two weeks ago we had this wannabe suicide bomber, who planned to blow herself up in Soroka hospital. The media doesn't count that. I wonder if anyone told her that while male bombers get 72 virgins, a female bomber only gets to be the head virgin...


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