Wednesday, July 20, 2005

No Gym Wednesday

I got in a good Chest/Push workout yesterday. Back to the 12 rep cycle, which means the weight drops slightly and the reps go up. I had a lovely time at the family function, and no food problems. It was a buffet, and I had poached salmon with lots of raw veggies for my meal, washed down with mineral water. The dessert buffet was generous, but nothing spoke to me. I eschewed the cheesecakes, the chocolate cakes and the mini-muffins, and had fresh fruit: grapefruit, mango and melon. I was a little surprised by how easy it was. I'm not quite sure when the switch flipped, or how long I will stay in this "craves healthy food and does not hear cheesecake calling" state, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. And it had nothing to do with gallstone worries, either. I wasn't turning my back on the quiches and the potato salad and the lasagne because I was scared about another attack. I just had no desire for them.

No gym today. I spent most of the day at the university, meeting with my academic advisor and selecting my courses for next year. Then on the way home I found an old Robert Parker Spenser mystery, God Save the Child, at a used bookshop for a mere 5 NIS (just over a buck). Tonight will be acupuncture appointment #3, and then, I hope, an early bedtime, because I am missing some sleep from earlier this week.


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