Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hither and Yon

Much cleaning and decluttering going on today. I wish I had a paper shredder. On the positive side, tearing up stuff by hand has to be some sort of grip workout. I'm wandering all over Jerusalem today: First to the bank to make sure I have enough money to renew my gym membership, then to the Malha shopping mall to exchange a birthday present someone bought me two months ago, then to the university to get some work done in the library, and soon off to the supermarket to stock up on healthy food. Tonight my classmate's spouse is dropping off the flower pots I bought on Thursday, and I plan to have them filled and blooming by end of week.

I had never been to the Malha mall before, and it is very nice. As soon as I finish my papers I am going to go back and wander around some more. The stuff I wanted to exchange was from a store called Laline, which is all hand-cut soap and body scrubs and scented candles. In other words, stuff I would never buy for myself but am delighted to have someone else buy for me. :-) I emerged with a lavender mud mask, a sandalwood scented candle, and three different soaps.

Today at Hebrew U, there was a little black and white bereavement notice on the door of one of the departments. This in and of itself is not unusual. Since Jewish funerals are supposed to take place as soon after the death as possible, such notices are an easy way to let people know when the funeral is and where they can pay their respects during the shiva, the 7 day mourning period. I went closer: "The Department of Social Work extends its condolences to our student ______, on the death of her mother and father in a terrorist attack." And reading that, as you are going from one library to another in the middle of the day, is entirely different than reading in the paper that gunmen from Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aksa Martyrs' Brigade murdered Jerusalem couple Dov & Rachel Kol. On a happier note, we had another wannabe suicide bomber thwarted in his attempt to reach heaven and get his 72 virgins reach Tel Aviv and kill people. Since I have to go to Tel Aviv sometime this week, this makes me even more pleased than usual.

Back to the gym tomorrow. I am going to aim for four sessions this week, five if I come back from Tel Aviv early enough. The coordinator of our program sent out a stern e-mail today reminding us that if we don't get all our papers done and submitted by their due dates we don't get funding for the second half of the program. Talk about motivation, :-) So, life is papers, papers and gym from now till further notice.


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