Saturday, July 30, 2005

Friday Report

My excursion to Tel Aviv on Friday morning ran overtime, so I did not get to the free market to drop off my stuff. I will either wait till next month's market, or ask the social causes person at school if she knows of an organization that would want my old clothes (I'm still sorting). The social causes person helps students set up volunteer opportunities during their stay here, and knows a lot about the various community organizations in Jerusalem.

I took the 7:15am bus from Jerusalem, which was packed, and got to Tel Aviv at 8:15am. By 8:30am I was at the restaurant, contemplating breakfast options. I think I'll try taking the train next time, which takes longer but is supposed to be a beautiful route. The restaurant was Alternative, a dairy restaurant on Weitzman Street. Thank goodness for airconditioning, because Tel Aviv is as hot as Jerusalem, only more humid. My breakfast included a huge salad that had cucumbers, tomatoes, bean sprouts, lettuce and carrots, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, warm bread, jam, two eggs (I had mine hard-boiled and just ate the whites), cheeses (there was a 0.5% fat choice), orange juice and a latte at the end. I love Israeli breakfasts; it is by far my favourite meal to go out for here. My cousin had eggs over freshly baked foccacia, the same salad, and a short espresso. She said I looked great, and I shared with her some of the funnier gym stories. I find I don't mind the compliments as much as I used to. They don't make me feel pressured or offended. My internal response is more "ok, whatever, onwards".

After taking the bus back to Jerusalem, I picked up some whole-wheat bread, and spent the rest of the day moving stuff from my old room to my new room. I made three piles of clothes. Stuff that fits or can be made to fit with minor alterations, stuff that's too big and there's no point in altering, and the winter clothes that are borderline and need to be re-evaluated come winter. I also organized my makeup/personal care stuff, tossing out the old and the will-never-use items.

I went to bed early on Friday night and slept 10+ hours. I've been short on sleep all week, and I think I finally caught up. Now all I have to do is go to bed at a normal hour tonight.


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