Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday Gym Report

I decided to go to the gym rather than to the Australia lecture. I got there just after 12 noon, which was good because it only got busier and busier from that point on. Today was a push/chest workout and I started the 9 rep cycle. Another good workout, but I had a mental lapse on the second last set of close grip bench presses, and only managed 8 reps. Not sure what was going on. I know I was strong enough to do it, but my focus just vanished, poof, gone. My shoulder still hurt this morning, but it didn't factor into the workout, which is strange, because I expected it to be a factor during a chest workout. I would have stopped if something had irritated it, but nothing did.

NiceGuy wasn't there, but SkinnyLeanGuy was, and today he was busy admiring his biceps. He did a set, then walked away, poked at his right bicep, poked at his left bicep, flexed slightly, and then went back to do the next set. I hope I don't catch sight of him doing this while I'm doing a max set of anything because I will lose it in hysterical laughter and that would not be a good thing with a bar on my back. Look, I've done my share of flexing... but in the privacy of my bathroom at home!!!

I made it to the cheap supermarket 9 minutes before it closed and got everything I needed, then stopped at the kiosk near my home to pick up the Friday Chocolate Splurge and newspapers for Saturday reading. I usually read Haaretz (the left wing paper) and Makor Rishon (the right wing paper) to get the full view of affairs. I decided not to buy the July bus pass but to add in more walking instead.

I hope everyone reading is enjoying the long weekend. That's one of the things I miss about Canada; having a two day weekend on a regular basis and a three day weekend every once in awhile. Here Friday is a half-day spent running around, Saturday is complete rest, and Sunday is a regular, back-to-work day. The positive side is that I can go to the gym again on Sunday. :-)


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