Friday, July 01, 2005

Catching Up

It's Canada Day! (Or Dominion Day, to those of you who liked things just fine pre 1982). Happy birthday Canada!

I got to the gym both Wednesday (ham-dominant) and Thursday (pull / back).

On Wednesday, man-in-charge wasn't there when I arrived, neither was woman-in-charge. Instead, there was some man I had never seen before. The LSV (little stupid voice) began whining, which tested my ability to deal with annoyance yet again. The first set of deadlifts was not good; but my first set of anything is always shaky. I need it to settle down and focus. I was still in PMS pain, but then for some reason I thought of this competition, which I remember seeing an earlier version of a year or two ago. Thus inspired, I promptly decided that pain had no meaning :-) and the rest of the deadlifts and partial deads were great. Man-in-charge showed up just as I was starting the hamstring curls. By the end of the workout I was exhausted again. I took long rests between my ab work sets. The idea of just lying back on the mat and falling asleep then and there was looking very appealling. I must have looked like I felt, because man-in-charge asked me twice if I was alright, and he's never had to ask me that before.

On Thursday, my plan was to get to the gym at midday, so I could go take pictures of the Pride parade for the other blog later that evening. What I didn't count on was that everyone else would show up at the same time. Because the parade was scheduled to go past the gym, and the road would be closed, people scheduled their workouts earlier in the day to avoid the road closures and the traffic. So the gym was incredibly swamped when I arrived.

At one point I was waiting for a guy to finish using the lat pulldowns so I could do my set. This skinny lean guy (I am not kidding) went to the mirror to check his lats between sets. I have heard of people doing that - in fact I've heard of gyms that have a little sign posted that says "Do not approach the mirror to admire yourself between sets; you look like dork". But I have never seen someone actually do it four times in a row. Guy finishes his set, I ask him to make sure he's done, I replace the handle on the pulldowns and do my first set, and who should come back not 30 seconds later to do more pull downs with the new handle? Yup, SkinnyGuy. Five more sets. As the poem goes, "when thou hast done thou has not done", eh? And yes, he still did the mirror thing between sets!

There was a bonus to working out at this time of day, however. There was a really nice guy working out whom I had not seen before. At one point, while I was resting between seated rows, man-in-charge called me over and asked me to translate something into English. He was trying to explain to the guy (who was doing bench-presses) about breathing technique to use during his presses. So I translated, and after his bp set and my row set, me and nice guy talked a little bit about lifting in general. He said he had seen me squat before, and I said that leg day is my favourite, because when you leave the gym you know you trained hard. We also talked about why powerlifting is not in the Olympic games. I was wearing my Old Navy shirt, and he actually noticed the inaccuracy of the graphic! The shirt has a graphic of a guy doing an overhead press, but powerlifting is bp+squat+deadlift, no overhead presses. The other sweet about the guy is that he is pretty balanced; he's not one of these guys who have a massive upper body and stick legs. So did I get his name? Nope. Why? Because I am socially inept. Bah humbug! He's likely ten years younger than me, has a girlfriend or is gay.

When I got home to drop off my stuff before heading out again, I hurt my shoulder. Just by lifting my arm up and back to brush my hair. Hello? What kind of a stupid way is that to hurt one's shoulder?

Ok. Busy day ahead: need to shop, to decide if I should go to the gym or go hear a lecture about Australia, and to work on papers.


At 10:18 AM , Anonymous sis said...

"Because I am socially inept. Bah humbug! He's likely ten years younger than me, has a girlfriend or is gay."

This is a winning attitude! Since you didn't get his name _that_ time, you can NEVER ask for his name again! (rolls eyes)


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