Sunday, July 10, 2005

Back to the Gym And Many Other Thoughts

I went back to the gym today. I had left a phone message for one of my schoolmates who goes to the same gym, asking him to let man-in-charge know what happened. Either my message did not make it through, or he didn't have a chance to do so, because man-in-charge had no idea. After I filled him in on the week's adventures, he told me to take it easy today, and we'll re-start tomorrow with day one, Chest/Push, with lower weights. He didn't want me doing any squats or bench presses or deadlifts today, unfortunately. So I did four sets each of leg extensions and hamstring curls, then four sets each of pushups and lat pulldowns, added some abwork at the end and called it a day. Tomorrow man-in-charge will only be there in the morning, so I'm going to try and squeeze in the workout right after the WW meeting (the last one!), go home, shower, and head to the university.

I think that I've had low-grade pain for at least three months, and didn't realise it. I've been exercising all that time, and the endorphins offset some of the pain, but now, post hospital, I feel like a new woman. Sky looks bluer, birds are singing, you get the picture. It took a miserable flu back in March to get me started on healthy eating and exercising again, and it seems that this gallbladder thing is going to help me kick the nutrition and the sleep and everything outside the gym up a few notches.

Whatever happens with the surgery, it looks like the Australia trip is sunk. Regrettable, but health and finishing my papers are the most important things right now. If I'm meant to see Australia it will happen someday. :-) I'm disappointed I didn't get to check out Melbourne gyms though; this one certainly looked promising.

While I was at the mall today, It dawned on me that I own no bras that fit. None, zero, zip, zilch, nada. Everything I own is 38D or 38DD. And the pattern of weight loss over the female body being what it is, I find myself at 36C. So I went to the mall and after an hour and a half at two different lingerie stores, discovered that there are reasonably priced bras to be had in Jerusalem. I emerged with four new beautiful new underwires, one white, one gold, one berry and one red. I have my eye on a couple more that, while labelled 36C, were just not quite right quite yet. I don't think I've ever had this much fun shopping for innerwear.

I'm shaking my head that there are people out there who think Britain "provoked" the terrorists who murdered all these people in London last week. No, I'm not going to link to them. They probably also think that the Afghan Buddhas of Bamiyan "provoked" the Taliban into destroying them, and that women who don't cover themselves from head to toe "provoke" men into raping them. Yeah, whatever. Dan Darling at Winds of Change has a detailed analysis of the scope of the threat, and Lileks had a screedblog the other day that's also worth reading.

Today at school, some people who know I've been in hospital said to me "You've lost so much weight". Yeah folks, that's it, all 15lbs or so came off in this one week in hospital. Forget the cleaned-up eating, the exercising, the rest of it *rolls eyes*. For the record, the hospital stay resulted in a loss of 800g. That's under two lbs, and it is probably water weight that will come back tomorrow.

I started this blog whining about some of my professors at university, so it is only fair that I give props when a professor does something decent. I e-mailed one of my profs yesterday night to explain that my paper was late because I've been in hospital, and he sent me a brief message back saying, "health's the main thing, feel better". That's it, no pestering and no firebreathing about "final final deadlines" like those other profs.


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