Thursday, June 23, 2005

Where Has the Week Gone?

Thursday already. Sheesh. It's been a productive week, but it has flown by.

Man-in-charge was not at the gym tonight, or last night. I asked woman-in-charge about this at the end of my workout, and she said that he had opened the gym at 6:30am this morning, and finally went home 14 hours later at 8:30pm. Makes my day seem much shorter than it was. He'll likely be in tomorrow, but I am probably taking tomorrow off. I have a paper that has to be in by tomorrow afternoon, and I have no idea how much sleep I'll get tonight. Add to this that I have to do the usual Friday running around, get food, et cetera, and you have a very packed day tomorrow.

Last night I asked woman-in-charge to set the max weights for me, but tonight I chose them myself. I need to get in the habit of doing this before I go on the trip in August. I think I got them exactly right with the exception of the seated cable rows, where I could have gone a little bit heavier with no problems.

Gym was quiet tonight, however, the martial arts school attached to the gym was not. I think they were having a demonstration or gradings or possibly both, because there were a lot more people going in and out than usual, and you could hear applause intermittently. Hope they all did well, whatever they were doing. I'm considering taking up a martial art when September rolls around. It would make a good complement to the weight lifting, and would add some cardio. And since I: 1. hate cardio with a passion and 2. don't do any right now aside of walking up and down Jerusalem hills, I think it would fit in nicely. I'd like a grappling art; possibly BJJ. I actually visited this Toronto school a few months before I left for Israel, just before they opened their new location, and was quite impressed. So the idea of taking BJJ has been simmering ever since.

I went to Pardes today to clean out my locker for the summer, and realised that there was no way I could carry everything home in one go. Religious books are heavy. :-) Our program director graciously let me leave the extra books in her office until next week. When I came in, she said, out of the blue, "you've lost a lot of weight". To which I did not reply, as I so often do, "Who, me?", but instead said, "I've lost some weight." Then I laughed and said, "Well, next year we'll be shooting videos of ourselves to send to potential employers, and you know the camera adds ten pounds". I think I'm getting less touchy about people noticing that I've lost weight, which is a good thing. It's also because I trust, and respect her, and I know there's nothing even remotely mean-spirited behind her statement.

Ok, back to the sociology paper. Bleah.


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