Sunday, June 26, 2005

Weekend Report

Friday and Saturday were sedentary. Saturday usually is, but Friday was due to the frenetic writing of papers for university. Two down, three hundred to go. Ok, not really three hundred, more like four, but it feels like three hundred.

I did go on a walk in the morning to buy a cooking pot with steamer insert from the two schoolmates who are flying back to the US tomorrow morning. I think it will be perfect for artichokes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and other veggies I like. When roommate #2 moves out the microwave will go with him, and this steamer will be an easy way to cook my winter veggies.

Saturday nutrition had far too many carbs, as usual. I have to figure out what to do about Saturday. Maybe prep all my meals for that day in advance in little boxes? Incorporate a walk?

This morning I had a brisk 35 minute walk to the apartment of another friend who is moving back to the US. Bought a little space heater from her, so I won't freeze in Jerusalem next winter. Then I stopped in at the cheap supermarket and got 10 cans of tuna, green pepper, kohlrabi, red pepper, apples and raw hazelnuts. I'm trying the hazelnuts this week so I don't get bored of the walnuts by having them all the time.

I was in a hurry to get to the library at the university, so I didn't take lunch with me. When I got there, I realised this was a mistake. Because this is exam time, the cafeteria has downsized its operations, and it does not cook the same variety of food as it does during the school year. So when I got there I discovered there was no chicken breast, and the meatballs did not look inspiring. I had soup and a salad and some bread, but upon reflection I should have had the schitzel. It would have been satisfying and provided more protein. The soup and salad and bread did not hit the spot at all. Still, I managed to not turn this frustration into a chocolate binge. It was close; I gazed longingly at three displays before telling myself to get on with my work. I drank more water, got the articles I needed from the library, and took the bus back.

Speaking of drinks, today marks 13 days with no soft drinks, regular or diet. The last time I had cola was on June 13 at B's place during lunch, and I wasn't happy with it. I've been keeping things to water (preferably), green tea (definitely), coffee (instant, 1-2 cups daily at most), and milk (1%, in said coffee). No other drinks. So far so good.

I stopped at the centre of town for some new workout clothes. Got two t-shirts and a pair of capris for 60 NIS (around $13 USD total). I need to get rid of some of the bigger workout clothes. Not because they're not comfy; they are. Not because I consider them "fat clothes"; I don't care. It's a matter of being honest with my form when I'm lifting. If I wear floppy sweats and a floppy t-shirt when I squat, for instance, then it's easier to let my knee wobble inward, or keep my upper body less tight than it should be.

Ok. Got home, put in some laundry. Now I need to get some food in and head off to the gym.


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