Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Tiny Bump on the Road

My pedagogy class was cancelled this morning, so I did a shopping trip to the cheap supermarket instead. Stocked up on cottage cheese, yogurt, veggies and tuna. I seem to be scrambling this morning. It's 11am and I've only gotten one litre of water in so far. Now I'm trying to blog while eating tuna. It takes skill, I tell ya! I have to head out at 11:30am, help set up for graduation (not my class, the class ahead of us), help a fellow student with his model lesson (he's filming it so he can send it out to potential employers), get to the gym, go home, change so I'm presentable, and get back in time for the graduation. Oh, and get healthy food into me somewhere in there so that I can look at the sugary desserts that will be served at the graduation and shrug indifferently. :-)

I came into the gym last night with 48 hours of good food, good water and green tea intake and sufficient sleep behind me. Things did not go well. It was day one of the 8 rep microcycle, a Push (chest) workout, and I had hoped to start on a high note. I tried 37.5 Kg (83 lbs) on my bench press max set, and failed at six reps. This was even more frustrating because I thought it was a completely doable weight. I think this is the first time that I haven't been able to do a weight that man-in-charge thought I could do. My push-ups were also shaky. It wasn't until the close grip bench press that I got my act together, but I was fighting for each and every set.

I was not a happy camper. Man-in-charge could tell I was upset; he told me not to worry, to concentrate on the technique and the weight will come. A noticed it too. He did a passable imitation of me pacing back and forth, then asked me what I was upset about, did I had plan to lift a 100 Kg after one month? Guy had a point. I laughed, but it was still frustrating. At least I burned some kcals with all the pacing back and forth.

Must run. More later.


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