Sunday, June 19, 2005

Those Magic Moments

At the gym on Friday. I was warming up when KB, (A's trainer/coach) comes by and says hi. We talk and then I mention that my schedule is pretty swamped what with studying at two different places and all.

KB: What are you studying?
Me: Education.
KB: To be a phys. ed. teacher?
Me: *falls down in a faint*

Ok, so I didn't actually fall down in a faint. I laughed and said no, I plan to teach Tanakh and Rabbinics. But I couldn't believe he actually said that. And I don't think he was making fun of me. As Krista at Stumptuous wrote in an entirely different context: "It's sweet that there was even a remote possibility".

The thing is, I'm not at a shape that would indicate anything close to a phys.ed. teacher. I'm serious about my training, but there's a long way to go. But I think that at some point - in my case, two months of regular gym attendance - the guys stop seeing "fat woman puffing" and see "woman lifting seriously".

I have eggs now, although not the big platter of 30, still no room in the fridge for that. I ate clean today, and I had a good Pull workout this evening. New max weights on the lat pulldown (42 Kg / 92.6 lbs) and on the seated cable row (44 Kg / 97 lbs); still keeping my mind focused on the idea of doing a pull up this year.

Tomorrow morning at 9:00am I meet the WW scale again; first time in three weeks. Saturday was a bit too much carbs: mostly fruit, nothing non-clean, so we'll see how it goes.


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