Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Stumble, Fall, Get Up

Yesterday I was at the Hebrew U library for most of the day. Not particularly productive. I decided that the network cable needs to stay home, otherwise it's too tempting to get online and surf. I went to the cafe for lunch, and for who knows what reason chose to have the schnitzel with a side of rice and some weird beansprout salad. The rice tasted salty, but most things at the cafeteria taste salty to me now. On the way home started PMSing in a big way - my back hurt, my stomach hurt, I felt exhausted. So I cracked and had a chocolate bar - with no hydrogenated fats at least. Then I got off the bus in downtown, ostensibly to get a dozen eggs, but I ended up also buying an ice cream cone.

Well, my body was NOT happy with all this stuff. By the time I got to the apartment I felt physically ill and even more exhausted, if that's possible. Got in at 5pm and decided to take a nap. Fell asleep and promptly had a nightmare (napmare?). I dragged myself upright at 7pm, stumbled to the kitchen and had a clean dinner, and realised there was no way I would make it to the gym, never mind deadlift. This was way beyond "I don't feel well". I took two pain-relief caplets and went to bed.

Eight hours of sleep later, I woke up, but snoozed an extra hour. I felt like a new woman. Breakfast was clean. Lunch wasn't. I had planned to go out to lunch with a friend where I'd have healthy food choices, but she was too busy - she's flying out in the morning. So instead I bought a tuna sandwich. It had veggies, but the tuna had mayo and the bread was white. I don't think white bread agrees with me anymore. Which is a heck of a thing considering I used to be able to go through massive amounts of bread and butter at a time. Just finished my third litre of water, too. I needed every drop; it is so hot today.

Onwards and upwards.


At 5:11 PM , Anonymous Mae said...

Yes, it's hot here, too... ugh. Tired of the humid summers of NYC!

I think it's good that you're able to identify what bothers you, physically. Maybe it will help to hold on to that memory next time you're tempted? (I know it's never that easy).

Anyway, sounds like you're mainly back on track, lunch aside... like you said, get back up! :)

At 8:31 PM , Blogger M@rla said...

Your bad days are like other people's good days! But I know what you mean, I can't eat a lot of the stuff I used to. Salt KILLS me now, as does sugar or even sugar substitutes. I rarely eat any meals out anymore, because I feel so ill from it the next day.


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