Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Shirt

I finally got up the nerve to wear my Old Navy t-shirt with the powerlifting design on it at the gym last night. I was waiting until I got to know the place a bit better, and until they realised that I was serious about my training. It got two reactions. As I came in, the guy who's been training TB said "What a shirt!". Later, the original TurkeyBoy comes in (I'm calling him A from now on, since he has improved., and it's not fair to judge him by his original performance.)

A: "Powerlifting?"
Me: "Soon,"
A: "Really?"
Me: "Why not?"
A: "We can compete,"
Me: "I've never seen you do a leg exercise,"
A: [much impressed by my attention to detail] "You have me under surveillence?"
Me: "Someone works out five times a week and never works legs, it's strange,"
So A explains that he's had back problems, and once some leg exercises became impossible, he gave up on all of them, but he's starting again now. (No, I don't buy the logic either, but whatever works for him.)

Last night was ham-dominant. The deadlifts went well, and the right knee stopped making sounds by the second set. I kept moving between exercises, staying as warm as possible without exhausting myself. The hamstring curls were great; I ended up using my max weight for two sets rather than one.

I'm not using gloves, because a. I want to improve my grip as much as possible before it becomes a limiting factor on my deadlifts, and b. seeing lifting calluses makes me remember happy lifting days. :-) I will file the calluses down soon, of course, because the last thing I need is to have one rip off just before the next deadlift day. They're not particularly useful for anything except startling manicurists.

There's a guy at the gym that the other guys were calling Lone Wolf, because he's not married. Marriage is big here. This led into a discussion of the old Chuck Norris film, Lone Wolf McQuade. Hard to believe that movie is 23 years old. I remember seeing it when I was a teenager, and a few times afterwards. I still prefer action movies to any other kind.

And speaking of films, when I went to look up LWM, I found out that Anne Bancroft has passed away. She did such a great job in G.I. Jane (one of my favourite films), playing the duplicitous Senator DeHaven. RIP.


At 7:04 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

I saw this article some time ago about improving your grip -

I have to admit I use gloves - but on the other hand I don't lift as heavy as you do! I wish!

At 4:31 PM , Blogger Mich said...

Thanks for the link! And the weights aren't heavy yet... I should write a post about exactly how much I'm lifting and where I want to get to; it will be nice to look back on.


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