Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Queen of Procrastination

A downside to yesterday's food splurge: it seems to have made me sluggish and lazy all day today. I was Queen of Procrastination, and I can't afford to be right now, not with all the stuff that's due at the university. Where is my organized self? I tell you, tack a holiday to the weekend and things go to hell in a handbasket. Note to self: splurges, if at all, should be on Fridays only, so that I have Saturdays to recover from them.

I tracked food today, to make sure I've got my head on straight post-splurge. I'm sitting here having gotten 1700 kcals in; which is close to the 1800 I was aiming for (yay!). I'm short about 50g of protein (need chicken breasts!) but have consumed 25g or so more carbs than I wanted and 5g or so more fats than I wanted. The tracking also showed me that I need more veggies, and that I need to consume more of the food earlier in the day. The challenge is that my workout usually starts around 9:00pm or so, and I need pre and post workout nutrition. Today I took in the last meal at 11:00pm. Water was good at 4L, and green tea was ok at 0.75L. The other challenge is getting more of the water in earlier in the day so that I don't wake up at 3:30am to go to the bathroom. I need all the beauty sleep I can get!

Gym was incredibly busy tonight, as people came back after the holiday and re-started their training. At one point I was sharing a station with three people. On the one hand it makes my workout longer, but on the other hand I like being in a gym where people share the machines civilly. Everything went well. Lat pulldowns max set was 40Kg (88.6 lbs) and seated cable row max set was 42 Kg (93 lbs). I cling to the hope that before I have to leave Israel and go back to North America I will actually do one pullup, and preferably more than one.

A and his trainer were at the gym, and I am happy to report that the abuse is mutual. At first I thought it was only A being rude to his trainer, but it turns out the trash talk goes both ways. Whatever works for them. At one point, I was doing my grip work close to where the two of them were working, and trainer asks A, "What do you want?" and A jokingly replies "I want to arm wrestle her", meaning me. They are funny. I told man-in-charge that he should consider charging higher gym fees for the entertainment.

In other news, roommate #2 has advised that he is definitely moving out this summer. I've advised roommate #1 that I want to move into roommate #2's room, which is smaller and slightly cheaper than mine. Once roommate #2 moves out and takes his furniture, and the room's original furniture gets put back in, I'll see whether the original bed is actually sleepable. I want to get the move done before I go on the Australia trip (still no 100% confirmation) and then roommate #1 can show the empty room to potential roommates in my absence.


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