Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday Morning WW Meeting

I'm down another 300g, which surprised me because I am three days away from TOM and I feel like a water balloon. I stayed for the meeting, trying to decide if I should buy more of the little meeting slips when mine run out next week. I'm not using their program and I'm certainly not getting any useful information: today's topic was the importance of drinking water and the evils of cola. Sounds like a new adventure movie. The leader actually used this de-bunked list of myths as a source. Hello? I should tell her about checking Snopes before passing information onwards.

On the other hand, the social aspect is fun; I like the other women in the group, and the mental check-in of an external scale is useful. Wel'll see. The newest promotion for continuing members has 12 meetings for 723 NIS ($196 Cnd which is $16.33 per meeting, or $159 US which is $13.25 per meeting). The other option is 8 meetings for 504 NIS ($137 Cnd which is $17.13 per meeting, or $111 US which is $13.86 per meeting). I'll decide next week after I figure out my July budget. I have to pay my third of the apartment's arnona (municipal taxes) and I have to renew my gym membership, so there are a lot of other expenses to worry about besides WW.

Yesterday night at the gym was chest/Push day. All good. I felt strong, and at critical points in the lifting (i.e. the 2nd last rep of the max set) motivational music suddenly emanated from the TV set. Also, as I was heading in, LW was on his way out, and as he passed me at the crosswalk he smiled and said "They're waiting for you". Sweet! Gym was busy; there were several guys I hadn't seen before, but I don't think they're new members, just members who have decided to train at a new time. Man-in-charge was there. I hope he's there this evening because I'd like some feedback on the squats and the crunching sounds.

Ok, back to schoolwork, which is the dominant theme of the next five weeks. I'm helping out with a technology workshop on Wednesday, then starting Thursday I will be hanging out at the university library every day working on papers until they are all done and handed in.


At 7:23 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

I had no idea WW was so expensive. Is access to the scale worth the money? Hey, maybe the gym could buy a good-quality scale for its members.

At 8:41 AM , Blogger Mich said...

The gym is no frills and the changerooms are tiny, and I don't think I'd like them as much if they had a scale...

I have a scale at home. I think it's more the social aspect. But I think I should save the money and find my social life elsewhere! :-)


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