Monday, June 13, 2005

Lunch at B's

The walk to B's place for lunch turned out to be 35 minutes. It was incredibly hot out: 29C or 84F, if not higher. I had drunk two litres of water in the morning, but by the time I got to B's apartment I think I had sweated all of it out. I drank three glasses of water upon arrival. Lunch was supposed to start at 2:00pm, but with all the talking and waiting for guests we didn't start till 3:10pm. I should have thought about this and had more food this morning. Live and learn.

During lunch I had some poached salmon and grilled tofu, and a little pasta with tempeh mushroom sauce. Two of the guests were vegan, hence the profusion of soy. I tried the grilled veggies but didn't like them, and completely avoided the eggplant cheese lasagne-like dish. I stopped myself after drinking two glasses of cola, going back to water for the rest of the meal. The cola was the only thing I regret about this meal. It was a stupid old habit resurrecting itself.

There was a cheese course and I had a bit of each of the four available cheeses. I was surprised at how little of everything I ate. Don't get me wrong, I know all the bits and smidges add up, but in the past I would have said to myself, wow, this brie with walnuts tastes amazing and so does this goat cheese; I'm going to wait till everyone has had their share and then get myself a big second helping of both. This time I stopped after the little bit. To illustrate, I'd say each bit of cheese was about the size of half an AAA battery.

I did have dessert; I have been planning this splurge for three weeks, ever since I realised that Shavuot was around the corner. I had cheesecake, a mini-scoop of B&J New York Fudge Chunk ice cream, a mini-scoop of B&J Dulce de Leche with Fudge ice cream and a mini-scoop of the Tofu ice cream. For the record, the two 500ml B&J containers were sufficient for the 11 people who attended with some ice cream left over, so no one went crazy on the ice cream. I hadn't had either of these ice creams before, and neither one struck me as worthwhile binge material. It also helps that premium ice cream like B&J or Haagen-Dasz is very expensive here. I look at the container at the store and I think "this could buy two dozen eggs and a loaf of whole wheat bread and I'd have money left over".

No WW meeting again, this time because of the holiday, but I did an at-home-sans-clothes-weigh-in to compare to last week's in-home-weigh-in. Last week was 73.5 Kg (161.2 lbs) and this week was 72.8 Kg (160.5). I'm not updating the stats until I meet the WW scale again next Monday, but it seems that everything is on track. Although the idea of being under 160lbs is very strange to me. It hasn't happened in the past decade and a half, if not two decades, as far as I know.

The walk home took 40 minutes. There were a few more uphills and I was walking with other people the first part of the way and we were strolling and conversing. The heat hadn't broken, so we commiserated about how hot it (still!) was.

Unbelievably busy week ahead; mostly university assignments. And National Book Week starts on the June 15, but more on that when it arrives.


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