Monday, June 06, 2005

Happy Jerusalem Day!

Today is Jerusalem Day, or as it is known in Hebrew, Yom Yerushalayim, celebrating the the reunification in 1967. It is amazing to be here on this day, on which I feel the wonder of 3000 years of Jewish history even more than I do on any other day in Jerusalem. :-)

Felt tired and achy yesterday, so I told myself "don't be stupid, stay in bed". In my younger and more vulnerable days (anyone remember the book this comes from?) I would have just gone to school/work and proceeded to run myself into the ground. I'm wiser now. I stayed home and spent the day in front of the computer transcribing an interview I did for one of my university classes. It took all day, but at the end I had a nice 21 page transcript. I was getting a little stressed while I was doing this; a big thank you to Marla for the comment on the previous post - it was a nice morale booster! One more interview to go, and then I can start writing the paper for that class. The nice thing about being home is that the food was very convenient. I set my watch to beep at me in three hours, and when it did, I got up and had food and re-set the watch for three hours hence. I also had my water bottle and mug (thanks sis!) full of green tea on the desk, and tried to get through both within each three hour slot.

There are several varieties of green tea available here. I brought the Tazo Zen with me from Starbucks in Canada, but I needn't have worried. Wissotzky makes five varieties of green tea: classic green tea, green tea with spearmint leaves, with lemongrass & verbena, with jasmine and with citrus fruit. I have all of them except the latter. It takes a while to get used to drinking plain green tea, but it can be done. Really. :-) I like the spearmint best so far.

Went to the gym at night. It was very cold. There's construction at the entrance to the gym and on the street outside, so they closed the door to stop dust from getting in. However, the gym is in a windowless basement, so door closed = hot and stuffy. So, the air conditioning was cranked up. I would have been happier had it been warmer. My right knee kept making strange sounds while I was squatting, which led man-in-charge to drop the weight somewhat, have me try to adjust my stance, and do my reps more slowly. All this helped, but I think the main culprit was the temperature. Other than the weight being lower than what I wanted it to be, I was pleased with the workout. I got compliments from two different people. The trainer/coach of TurkeyBoy said that it has been a long time since they had more than one woman working out "seriously". I think that by "seriously" he means "with heavier weights", because there are a few women there working out very seriously, but lifting heavy is not their focus. Another man (an older gentleman who is an inspiration to many of the younger men - he must be in his 80s and he's doing weighted dips) said that I was very "diligent". I said thank you. I'm working on accepting compliments without denigrating myself while doing so. It's a process.

After the gym I finished transcribing, then finally got to bed at 1:18am. I decided last night to forego the WW meeting this week and sleep in. When I joined they gave me these two little red slips of paper to cover two absences, and I haven't used either of them yet. I noted my weight on my scale for reference; last Monday my home-scale-no-clothes weight was 73.1 Kg and this Monday morning it was 73.5 Kg, with the 400g or 1 lb difference attributable to TOM. So, nothing to get excited about. For next week, which will be post TOM, I want to break 74 Kg on the WW scale.

Ok. I have to hang the laundry on the line to dry, transcribe the other interview, pack food, and get to the university by 1:30pm; Monday is my late university night, so no gym tonight unless the prof lets us out early.


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