Saturday, June 04, 2005

Friday and Saturday

You'd think I would know better than to accept both a Friday dinner and a Saturday lunch invitation. Either meal on its own would have been enough to deal with while I'm trying to keep my eating as clean as possible. *sigh*

Dinner at D's place was fun: there were ten people in all, three of whom are going back to the US shortly, so this was a bit of a goodbye dinner. Still, the atmosphere was mostly upbeat. We laughed a lot, and I walked home close to midnight. It was a beautiful Jerusalem night, nice and cool.

I was very tired when I got home. Friday had started early because I met a classmate for breakfast at 8:00am at the Hilel Cafe on Emek Refaim Street. (Yes, the one that was blown up on Sept 9, 2003). From there I went to the Pe'er Bakery on HaMagid Street. I had asked D if he wanted me to bring anything to the dinner, emphasizing that it has to be something I can buy rather than make, and he said bring the challahs. He left me a message on Friday afternoon to verify that I did indeed buy the challahs, as they are rather important to the Friday night ritual.

After I dropped off the challahs at home I went to the flower store to order flowers. My study partner H came up with the idea of getting one of our teachers a present to thank her for everything she taught us during the year, and we collected money from anyone in the class who wanted to contribute. No pressure; one could sign the thank you card without contributing any money at all, since everyone has a different money situation. We decided to send her a bouquet of flowers for Shabbat. I knew we had enough money for a bouquet but not an arrangement, so I brought the glass vase my parents had sent me for my birthday and asked the flower shop woman if we could use that. I am going to be leaving Jerusalem in a year and a bit, and I doubt I would have room to pack a vase, and I know my parents would be cool with me giving it to my teacher.

My duty as Designated-Orderer-of-Flowers completed, I went to the supermarket and got cottage cheese. When I got home I was feeling cramped and tired and all I wanted to do was get into bed and sleep, but as Richard Marcinko wrote: "Thou hast not to like it, thou hast just to do it," so I got my stuff together and went to the gym.

There are few things as wonderful as going to the gym feeling wilted and droopy and ending up having a kick-butt session. The bench press weight went up again, and the technique on the close grip bench press is definitely improving. I felt strong, and I think I floated out of there on endorphins. This was my fifth session this week. The gym was pretty full, although not with teenage boys this time, more of a mixed group. Some of the guys were so funny; here's a sample of dialogue:

Pumped up guy: How often did you see me here this week?
Man-in-charge (with a straight face): I didn't see you, I mostly heard you.

Before floating home, however, I went to a different bakery to buy a cake for my cousin, who had invited me for Saturday lunch. My aunt and uncle were visiting, and they gave me a belated birthday present, a little book called "No", all about the word "No", and the opportunities it offers. Great timing, I thought. This is the cousin that keeps encouraging you to eat more, and I had plenty of chances to use the word "no" during the meal. Also the word "So". To wit:

Cousin: Have some more food. You're not eating.
Me: No thank you.
Cousin: But I don't want to have food left over.
Me: So?

When I came home after lunch the tiredness really hit me. I didn't want to sleep because that would throw off the sleeping for the rest of the week, so I tried to do some reading, and then got very stressed by the looming mountain of schoolwork and started visiting the fridge. I had a carb-fest: two (natural) peanut butter and jam sandwiches on whole wheat, two apples, four apricots and some pickles. *sigh*. I'm pretty certain that had there been cheesecake or ice-cream in the fridge I would have plowed my way through them. As Berardi's First Law states: "If a food is in your possession or located in your residence, you will eventually eat it." But it wasn't, and I didn't, so things were not as bad as they could have been.

Onwards. A new week starts tomorrow, and I have (self-) promises to keep. :-)


At 8:29 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Sounds like you had two very busy days! And it sounds like you have a handle on your "carb-fest." I repeat myself, but it's true: you have a great (and inspirational!) attitude. Plus, the carb fest sounds like, um, small potatoes. So small that your newly-earned muscle will eat it away in no time!

At 9:49 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

You are incredible!

At 1:18 PM , Anonymous BethK said...

I love the workouts that start out like punishment but end up being really cool and strong. It always gives me hope for the next workout, and the one after that, and the one after that...


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