Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Eggplant's Fault

Nutrition derailed around 5:00pm yesterday. I was at Hebrew U all afternoon, and I hadn't taken enough food with me to cover three meals. All I had left was a can of tuna, a yogurt and a banana. Now, I don't care how desperate you are, you do not eat tuna out of the can three feet away from the prof in a very small classroom. So knowing that the yogurt and banana would not be enough, I went over to the little cafeteria and got what I thought was a cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Not stellar, but it would do.

No sooner do I unpack the sandwich and bite into it then I discover that it is in fact a grilled eggplant, cheese, mint leaves and tomato sandwich. Oy. Israelis love eggplant. However, it is not in my top ten list of favourite plant foods. Hunger, and the fact that this was my last class with this prof and I didn't want to miss anything, prevented me from going to the cafeteria to complain about the hidden eggplant. So I ate most of it. Eating food one does not enjoy is a perfect way to get into the "I deserve some yummy food" mental state.

So that was motive. Opportunity presented itself in the form of my cousin, who came to town to visit. I had not seen him in ages, so we went to Tmol Shilshom for dinner (for him) and dessert (for me). Since they were out of cheesecake, I proceeded to have apple pie with whipped cream and ice cream. The whipped cream had chocolate sauce drizzled on it, by the way.

Fortunately, today I was back on track and all is well in the land of nutrition.


At 9:47 PM , Blogger chaos said...

If you were gonna splurge, that dessert sure sounded worth it. Yum!


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