Sunday, June 12, 2005

Deadlift Goof

The gym closed at 1:00pm today because of the impending holiday, so I got there around 11:15am or so. I had less than five hours of sleep last night, so I wasn't thinking very well. The way things work is I go in, pick up my program and go over to man-in-charge so that he can tell me what the weight should be on my max set. Then my first set is 50% of max, my second is 80% of max, and then I do the max weight on the third set. The weight for my fourth and fifth set depends on how clean the max set is.

So I do my warm up sets. My max for the deadlift is supposed to be 45 Kg (bar is 20 Kg, + 2 plates of 10 Kg each, + 2 plates of 2.5 Kg each), but I loaded the bar with 50 Kg by mistake; I picked up the 5 Kg plates instead of the 2.5 Kg plates. Oy. Man-in-charge wasn't impressed, and I wasn't impressed with myself either, because when he said "That's 50 Kg", after I had done the set, I had not a clue what he was talking about. I truly believed I was lifting 45 Kg. And I'm not in a hurry to ramp up my deadlift, I'd rather have my squat catch up. Sigh. Anyway, I explained about the lack of sleep the previous night, and for the rest of the workout I double-checked all my weights. I found a few other screw-ups waiting to happen, and I was so scatterbrained I kept misplacing the locks, putting them just above where I normally put them.

I talked to man-in-charge afterwards about the discrepancy between my squat and my deadlift, and we generally agreed that this can be attributed to the fact that my prior squat technique was closer to a good morning... so my back was getting twice the workout while my legs stayed weak. It's going to change eventually, because the limiting factor on deadlifts is invariably the grip.

The other funny thing is that there were four women in the gym today, and all of us, for whatever reason, were wearing what looked like the exact same outfit: black/dark workout pants and a pink/burgundy shirt. We looked like we all escaped from the same choir.

I didn't get to do my ab work at the end because I ran out of time. Got out of the gym just after 1:00pm, and went to the market to pick up eggs. I got 30 eggs, which should last the week. Then I went home, changed and grabbed some food; I should have prepped this beforehand; I knew I would be scrambling for time. I ended up with a natural pb and (unnatural) jam on whole wheat sandwich and a couple of plums, which I was ok with because I had a good amount of protein in the morning.

I headed out to the supermarket near my friend B's house. He had invited me over for the holiday lunch tomorrow, and I volunteered to bring the soft drinks. However, we agreed that I would drop them off today rather than have to walk 45 minutes schlepping them in the heat tomorrow. I left seven 1.5 L bottles of questionable zero nutritional value at his door (we will be 11 all together). It was like a second workout carrying all of them from the supermarket, up the hill, up the stairs to his apartment, but hey, I miss doing farmer's walk as part of my workouts so it's all for the best. Finally, I got home, put in a load of laundry, opened a can of tuna, and all was right with the world.


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