Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Buffet Tables

I had planned to get to the graduation ceremony just before it began, thereby missing the pre-ceremony reception entirely. I miscalculated and was actually one of the first to arrive, so I had plenty of time to admire the food-laden buffet tables. Chef David had done a great job as usual: there were veggies and dip, mini samosas, three varieties of mini quiches, tempura veggies, lox... I didn't have any of it prior to the ceremony. It was strange. Everything looked good, everything smelled good, but I found I had no desire to taste any of it.

After the ceremony the buffet tables were freshly set with dessert. Chocolate mousse, toffee bars, lemon meringue tarts, Mexican wedding cookies and platters of fruit. I ended up eating 1/2 an apricot, a couple of watermelon slices, a half slice of melon, and some plain left over veggie crudites from earlier, all washed down with two glasses of water. I took the time to glance at the other stuff, but nothing spoke to me. Food-wise, this was probably the easiest social gathering I've ever been to, and I'm not yet sure why.

I think it was mostly due to the fact that I got to the gym today and got a good quad-dominant workout in. Three cheers for squats! The gym was quiet, and man-in-charge was actually getting his own workout in at the same time that he was helping everyone else. Talk about multi-tasking.

Post workout I ran home and ate some good food. I didn't want to get to the ceremony hungry. I figured if I was full of real food there was less chance of me craving stuff, and at most I'd have a taste of everything rather than stand there and inhale the mini-quiches. The thing is, I didn't make the decision to not have anything until I actually got there and took a good look at all the food, so there was no "denial" per se. I came, I saw, I opted out. And I wasn't stressed by food conversations: at one point I was standing with my classmates K and H and we discussed candy bars that are available in Canada vs. candy bars available in the US. The conversation didn't make me uncomforable, nor was I seized by a deep desire to clean out the Snickers stock of the local supermarket.

Two papers due Sunday, one paper due Monday. Give me strength!


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