Wednesday, June 01, 2005

194 lbs

In August 1993, I weighed 194 lbs. It's right there in the workout log (which has entries dating back to 2001), black on white.

That was my heaviest-ever recorded weight. I would not be surprised to learn that I touched 200 at some point, but I was not a regular scale stepper, so I don't know it for certain. I was thinking about it this week because, at 164.8, I am approximately 30 lbs below that weight, and it seems amazing to me that I was walking around with 30lbs more than I am now.

I have a lot to say about getting from there to here, but I'm not articulating it very well yet. That's a post in the making.

Last night's squat workout? Tough, but I made it through. Shared the rack with two guys, and both of them were doing squats with perfect form. Interestingly, they both manage to stay upright even though they grip the bar very wide. Me, I've corrected my forward lean by bringing my hands closer to my shoulders; I grip the bar just a tinge wider than shoulder-width.

I've never been in a gym that has so many good squatters. It's a treat.

I'm off to deadlift. Sorry for the brevity.


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