Sunday, May 29, 2005

Water and Money

It felt very hot out when I got to school this morning. By noon I had already drunk 2.5 litres of water, and none of it felt like I was making an effort to drink. By 4:30pm four litres were gone, and this may be the first ever five litre day.

I found an even cheaper place for tuna: 3.15NIS per can (that's 72 cents US) which is an improvement over the 4.45NIS price I had been paying till now. It isn't albacore, of course, but it will do. Knowing that at the end of my MA I will be going into a low-paying field has really made me sit up and take notice of my spending. It's almost a competition now: how little can I spend and still eat healthy. Check out the inspiring Tightwaddery category of posts at Caustic Musings, and the plethora of articles at The Dollar Stretcher for more of this sort of thing. Also, this post at FitJulie describes a successful Goodwill trip.

One thing I will need to buy very soon: sweatpants. The two pairs I brought with me from Canada are just about falling off (thank goodness for the drawstrings). I'm ok for workout t-shirts and sportsbras for the time being. One of my classmates tells me that there are Target stores in Australia, so I may hold off on shopping if and until I get there. The Canadian and Australian dollars are very close right now: $1AUS=$0.96CAD, so that will make it easier to compare prices. By the way, all these conversions are via this handy page; I'm not figuring them out in my head... :-)


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